EASTSIDE GUITAR REPAIR Austin, Texas provides services ranging from set-ups to full restorations. With over 25 years combined experience building and repairing guitars with reputable shops, we can sort out any problem your fretted instrument may have.

We specialize in precise fretwork, quick turnaround, and friendly, helpful service at a reasonable price. References available.

Eastside Guitar Repair also has years of experience modifying perfectly good guitars. If against advice at large you want that extra pickup between the tremolo and the bridge, a third P90 out of phase, or a Bigsby on something that just shouldn’t have a Bigsby, we can do it, properly, and whenever possible, in a way that’s reversible.

Bespoke guitars also built in house from the ground up, so if you need a part that doesn’t exist, or a neck for an obscure Japanese company long since defunct, we can make it for you.

Located near I-35 & Oltorf, please call or text us at (512) 808-8932 with any questions or to make an appointment.